Programs have been scheduled for the Global Investor Summit to be held in uttarakhand on 8 and 9 December.

Regarding this, uttarakhand Police is preparing the traffic plan of dehradun, it will be implemented only after the

traffic plan is ready. On december 8, prime minister Narendra Modi will be present in dehradun and will

inaugurate the prime minister Narendra Modi Global Investor Submit. Ambassadors of 30 countries are also going

to be present on this occasion.

While citizens of many countries will also participate in this Global Investor Submit, along with many big

renowned industrialists of the country, many industrialists from abroad are also going to participate in this Global

Investor Submit. Arrangements for about 10,000 guests have been made at uttarakhand Forest Research Institute

FRI. This time especially for prime minister Narendra Modi who is coming to inaugurate the Global Investors

Summit, along with his daily diet, nutritious Ahirs of uttarakhand will also be presented to him.

This is the first time when prime minister Narendra Modi will be made to taste the cuisine of Uttarakhand. On this

occasion, Jhingore kheer, Bhat ke dubke, Lingude ka saag, Kandali ka saag, which is eaten as the main meal in

uttarakhand, along with lentil Mandve roti can also be offered. Rehearsal for the preparation of dishes is already

being done in this regard.

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