In the program 'Mann Ki Baat', prime minister narendra modi on sunday spoke on many topics including tourism and social issues. During this, he discussed Bhim Singh Bhavesh of Bihar. He said that countless people in our country selflessly dedicate their lives in the service of others. One such example is from Bihar. Bhim Singh Bhavesh has enrolled about eight thousand children of Musahar community in schools. He has also built a big library, due to which children are getting better facilities for education.

PM Modi praised Bhim Singh

PM narendra modi said that the lesson of our culture is - 'Parmarth Paramo Dharma'. That is, helping others is the biggest duty. Following this spirit, countless people in our country dedicate their lives to serving others selflessly. One such person is Bhim Singh Bhavesh ji of Bhojpur in Bihar. There is a lot of discussion about his works among the people of Musahar caste of his area.

'He organized more than 100 medical camps'

PM Modi said that Bhim Singh ji also helps his community members in making necessary documents and filling their forms. This has further improved the village people's access to essential resources. To improve the health of the people, he has organized more than 100 medical camps. When the Corona crisis was looming large, Bhim Singh ji also encouraged the people of his area to get vaccinated. At the same time, he further said that in view of the upcoming lok sabha elections, the Mann Ki Baat program will not be telecast for the next three months.

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