lok sabha elections are going to be announced in the country this month. In such a situation, before the elections, experts and experts are extracting all kinds of figures. The first general elections in the country were held in 1952. After this, preparations for the 18th lok sabha elections have started in the country. election campaign is also gaining momentum now. But amidst all this, some interesting information is coming to light through statistics.

In fact, the country's two biggest national parties, bjp and congress, are in everyone's sight. Both parties contest elections in almost every state of the country. In such a situation, it seems necessary to look at some interesting figures of the last election. According to information given by news agency PTI, according to non-profit organization PRS Legislative Research, 8,039 candidates were contesting from 542 parliamentary constituencies in the 2019 general elections.

What do the statistics say?

bharatiya janata party and congress contested elections on 435 and 420 seats respectively. Both the national parties were in competition with each other on 373 seats. But now the question arises that after these two, who is the third party which had announced the names of candidates for the maximum number of seats in the country, then the answer is BSP. BSP had fielded the third highest number of candidates in the 2019 elections. Statistics show that the total number of candidates contesting elections has also seen an increase year after year. According to official figures, in 1952 there were 1,874 candidates for 489 seats and an average of 3.83 candidates per constituency. In 1971, this number increased to 2,784 and there were an average of 5.37 candidates per constituency. Official data shows that in the 2009 general elections, a total of 8,070 candidates contested for 543 seats, and the average increased to 14.86. A total of 8,251 candidates were in the fray in the 2014 lok sabha elections.

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