As the andhra pradesh general elections are approaching, the stone attack on cm Jagan has become a hot topic. The vijayawada police is taking up this case more quickly. The police have already summoned more than ten youths of vaddera Colony in the city and are asking various questions. In this, a youth named Satish was found to have thrown a stone. After that, another young man named Vemula Durga Rao, who works in bonda Uma's office, was also taken and the police are investigating.

The police are making various efforts to get vital information from this one. The police have already announced two lakh rupees to those who give any evidence related to the incident of stone throwing.. Also, it seems that the youths have also been detained there and are being investigated as no CCTV footage is found. They are also trying to find out whether former mla bonda uma is involved.

With this, bonda uma was alerted and started making accusations that she had nothing to do with the stone attack on cm Jagan and that the authorities were only making such efforts to implicate her. Uma also disclosed that the detention of a person named Durga Rao, who works in her office, was that Durga Rao used to call her every day and told her the schedule of events. But Uma got fired up saying that if she is unfairly placed, then there is no question of leaving out anyone of june 4th class. A video in which Uma spoke is also becoming viral on social media. Judging by this, it seems that this stone case will wrap around bonda Uma's neck in the coming days.

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