Nayanar Nagendran's problem. 4 crores for whom?

A video of his cousin Murugan has been stirred by the BJP's candidate for the bjp in the Paddy constituency in the Paddy constituency.

 4 crore seized by train

The parliamentary election campaign ended yesterday and the voting begins tomorrow morning. In this case, the video is spreading with the video that voters are paying candidates in various places. The flying force is also tested and blocking the money supply. Meanwhile, the S7 coach was raided by the Paddy Express train following reports that the train was being transported from chennai to Paddy last week. It was then revealed that 3 persons had taken the money in 6 bags. Following this, the police arrested three persons and brought them to the tambaram police station and investigated.

The money is taken for the bjp candidate

It has been revealed that Rs 4 crore has been brought from the hotel owned by Nayanar Nagendran in chennai for the cost of the Paddy bjp candidate and to pay voters. More caught. Based on the confession of persons, Paddy bjp candidate Nayanar Nagendran has sent a summons from the tambaram police station. It has been announced that he will be present at the tambaram police station by the 21st. Meanwhile, the court has been hearing the case of Rs 4 crore. The election commission has ordered the supreme court to take action.

Shock video released

Meanwhile, the affidavit made by his cousin Murugan is now spreading on the social network to cause further trouble to Nayanar Nagendran. In it, Nayanar Nagendran's cousin Murugan has confessed that the money caught at the tambaram railway station belongs to the Paddy bjp candidate Nayanar Nagendran. Nayanar Nagendran's BA Manikandan has asked Perumal to take money from chennai to the Blue Diamond Hotel. Perumal is one of the three arrested at the tambaram railway station. It is noteworthy that Perumal had gone to the Blue Diamond Hotel as his boss Murugan sent his affidavit.

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