Air india Flight Fire: air india plane caught fire as soon as it took off from delhi airport?

Emergency landing with 175 passengers

Air india Flight Emergency Landing: delhi airport officials have confirmed the incident. It is also said that during the emergency landing, the plane landed completely safely and no passenger was injured.

Air india Flight Emergency Landing: On friday evening, as soon as the flight from delhi to Bengaluru was taking off, there was panic in an air india plane due to the sudden sounding of fire alarm. The pilot immediately diverted air india flight number AI-807 back towards delhi airport, where it had to make an emergency landing. During investigation, it has come to light that there was a small fire in the plane. There were 175 passengers on board the plane. The passengers of the plane were later flown to Bengaluru in another plane.

What have the airport officials told?

ANI has confirmed this incident quoting officials of Delhi's indira gandhi International airport (IGI Airport). The report said that on friday evening, air india flight number AI-807 took off from delhi airport for Bengaluru at 5.52 pm. A complete security and technical checkup of the aircraft was done before take-off. No fault was found in the plane during checkup. The plane took off from delhi airport on friday evening with 175 passengers. As soon as the flight took off, the fire signals near the pilot started warning. The pilot turned the plane and informed the air traffic control.

Full emergency protocol was declared at the airport

Understanding the seriousness of the matter, the air traffic control gave permission for emergency landing of the plane. Also, ATC declared full emergency protocol at delhi airport. delhi fire service officials said that as soon as information about the fire in the plane was received, three fire tenders were sent to the spot. He said, 'We received information from IG airport at 6.15 pm. We immediately dispatched three fire tenders. Amidst the emergency protocol, the pilot landed the plane safely at delhi airport again at 6.38 pm.

There was a fire in the air conditioning unit

Immediately after the emergency landing of the plane, 175 passengers were deboarded and sent for medical checkup. After this the aircraft was thoroughly inspected again. This investigation has revealed that there was a small fire in the air conditioning unit of the plane. Orders have been given for a complete investigation of the aircraft.

DGCA has been informed about the incident

According to airport sources, information about this entire matter has been given to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). At present, no statement has come from DGCA, but it is believed that a detailed report of this incident will be sought from it. Safety audit of the aircraft can also be done.

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