Mumbai police Control received bomb threat…

Mumbai police has issued a security alert after receiving information that an unknown person was threatening a blast through a phone call. According to the police, the caller told that there will be an explosion in McDonald's located in Dadar area. The person who called the mumbai police said that while he was traveling in BEST bus number 351, he heard two people talking about blowing up McDonald's.

The caller informed about this and called the police control room on saturday night. After this call mumbai police became alert. The police remained busy searching for the bomb the whole night. Even after extensive investigation, the police have still not found any suspicious object. The bomb disposal squad of mumbai police has also been alerted. The police search operation is still going on. mumbai police has suggested people to be cautious. The police have appealed to everyone to provide information if any suspicious object is found.

Investigation into the call continues

At present, mumbai police has been asked to remain in alert mode. Also, there is an order to take any suspicious object found or any untoward incident or call received seriously. Apart from this, mumbai police is engaged in further investigation regarding the phone call. However, this is nothing new for mumbai Police. Threatening calls keep coming in Mumbai. Even on the night of 31 december 2023, there was a stir after receiving a threat to blow up the city of Mumbai. Even that day, mumbai police was shocked by the news of blasts in the entire city.

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