Atchennaidu is the president of tdp in Andhra Pradesh. They act as if there is no Babu but Chinababu. But there are reports that the two leaders have also gone abroad. Everyone thinks that Achchennaidu should play the key role in AP. But even though the ex-ministers are making a big fuss of the senior tdp leaders, no one is paying attention.. Especially they are making complaints to the EC, writing letters to the DGPs, putting up press kits etc. But all this is done only by tdp leaders.

There are reports that Achchennaidu has become silent after polling and is acting as if it is his job. It is true that Achchennaidu was the main direction of the party in andhra pradesh when there was no leadership of TDP.. But when it comes to practice, many leaders are coming forward. Moreover they are acting as if they are high command. It is heard that most of the newly joined leaders in the party are talking more.

Even when Chandrababu went to jail, many leaders came and rushed and even then it seems that Achchennaidu's role was not given much importance. In a political party, the president is the key. But in andhra pradesh tdp, they are acting as if they are the leaders.. The news is also heard that they do not care about anyone else except Chandrababu and Chinababu. That is why the news is also heard that they do not care who is the president of tdp in AP. It remains to be seen whether Achchennaidu will respond to all the issues. And see what happens.

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