CM Bhajanlal Sharma met people during morning walk!

Rajasthan cm Bhajan Lal Sharma took a morning walk in the Central Park of jaipur on sunday morning. During this, he talked to the people present there about the measures taken to protect themselves from the heat. cm Bhajan Lal said that his government is making every possible effort to provide relief to the people of the state from the heat. cm Bhajanlal said that rajasthan is currently battling the scorching heat and in such a situation, work is being done to ensure the availability of electricity and water. cm Bhajanlal Sharma said, “Round the clock monitoring is being done to ensure availability of electricity and water. To ensure that people do not face any kind of problem, the leaves of officers and personnel of electricity, water supply and medical departments have been cancelled.

Strong arrangements made to avoid heat wave - cm Bhajanlal

Bhajanlal Sharma said that the state government has made concrete arrangements for prevention and treatment of seasonal diseases and heat wave in the entire state. Apart from this, arrangements have also been made for medicines and water for the animals. He advised the people of the state to come out of the house only when there is important work and to take special care of their eating habits.

Temperature reached 50 degrees in Phalodi

According to the Meteorological Department, Phalodi was the hottest place in the state on saturday with 50 degrees Celsius. There was severe heat throughout Rajasthan. director of jaipur Center of Meteorological Department, Radheshyam Sharma said that in the next 48 hours, the maximum temperature is likely to increase by 1-2 degrees Celsius in some parts of Bikaner, jaipur, Bharatpur, Kota divisions. He said, “There is a strong possibility that the scorching heat and hot night temperatures prevailing in the state will continue for the next three days.”

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