Unique measures to protect from scorching heat…

There seems to be no relief from scorching heat and heat wave in Madhya Pradesh. New experiments are being done to beat the heat. A water spraying device has been installed at the petrol pump in the religious city of Ujjain. The device is attracting customers. petrol pump operators say that the heat has broken previous records. Therefore, measures are being taken to protect customers from the heat. Mist fans have been installed at the petrol pump of Hindustan Petroleum located on Agar Road.

Radheshyam, who came to fill petrol, said that when he reached near the machine, a cold wind blew. Let us tell you that due to the temperature of ujjain being 45 degrees, life has become disrupted. people are hesitant to come out of their homes. The sun is raining fireballs. Working people have to take measures to protect themselves from the heat when they go out. Bhim Singh, who came to buy diesel, said that mist fans have been installed at the petrol pump for the convenience of the people. Some relief is definitely being provided by the mist fan.

Water spraying device installed at petrol pump

He said that the condition is very bad due to extreme heat. Manager Bashir Khan says that the petrol pump is very old. Till now there was no need to install a fan near the machine. Extreme heat has not been seen for the last many years. customers coming to the petrol pump to get fuel are being provided the facility of cold water and fan air. The facility is being provided by the petrol pump operator in view of the weather. There is no mention of fan facility in the rules of the oil company.

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