Odisha and ayodhya taught bengal a lesson…?

This is a time when the public raises its voice and elects new leaders. However, sometimes violence and conflict are seen during elections. This is against the values of democracy. The examples of odisha, ayodhya, and bengal help us understand the various aspects of this problem.

Peaceful elections in Odisha

In the recent elections in odisha, the bharatiya janata party (BJP) defeated the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), which was in power for decades. The BJD was led by naveen Patnaik. Who has ruled the state for a long time. Despite this, there was no news of violence after the elections. This shows that there is a dignified and respectful relationship between the two parties. Even before the swearing-in ceremony, the new chief minister of odisha himself went and invited naveen patnaik and he accepted this invitation in a dignified manner. In the ceremony, senior leaders of BJD and bjp respected each other. This example shows us that it is possible to maintain respectful relations between political parties, whatever the election results.

Reconstruction of Lord Shri ram temple in Ayodhya

After a long wait of 550 years, Lord Shri ram temple was rebuilt in Ayodhya. This struggle is the result of the continuous efforts of BJP. Who fought in the courts and on the ground. The construction of this temple was celebrated not only in india but all over the world. Every religion and community participated in this happiness. Despite this, bjp lost the ayodhya elections. This result was a big surprise for everyone but even after this there was no electoral violence. This example shows us that it is possible to maintain peace and harmony in the society, whatever the results of the elections. The reconstruction of the temple in ayodhya was an occasion of celebration not only for Hindus but for every religion and community.

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