What is the reason Hindus also did not vote…?

The way the results have come, it can also be said that Hindus also do not vote for BJP. This time only around 42 percent votes have come to bjp, so is bjp and the government going to do something for Hindus too? This is like a political conspiracy, which is done by targeting a particular person.

The people of ayodhya also did not vote for bjp, so will any action be taken for the people there too? If a scene is created for any religion or caste, then it sends a wrong message in the society, whereas such things should not happen in a democratic country like India. It should also be the responsibility of Muslims that who they are voting for, how is it known to others, whereas voting is a secret donation. How does someone else know which button you are pressing in the EVM? This means that you are openly advocating for someone. Such opportunities should never be allowed to arise.

15 percent of Muslims do not vote for bjp while 20-25 percent of Hindus also do not vote for BJP. In democracy, no picture of any caste or religion should be prepared. Voters have the right to vote for anyone but after coming to power, everyone is a part of the government. Mohan Bhagwat has recently said that there is no opposition but only opposition. Therefore, for the development of the country, it is necessary to have Sabka Saath, Sabka Prayas and Sabka Vikas.


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