Assembly elections also in sight…

Assembly elections are due in bihar next year. nitish kumar is also inclined towards PM Modi. Many leaders including Samrat Chaudhary, Vijay Sinha have said that the elections will be fought in alliance. The important thing in that is that there is talk of fighting the elections under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. In bihar, elections are fought by considering nitish kumar as the elder brother and making him the face of the Chief Minister, only then nitish kumar will remain in the NDA. If he feels from anywhere that there is a threat to the Chief Minister's chair, then he will try to avoid it. Chirag Paswan's party and Jitan ram Manjhi's party are also part of the NDA.

For now, chirag paswan will not go anywhere. The four to five percent vote advantage that is going to be gained due to Chirag will definitely happen. In that too, JDU will emerge as an important party. If the assembly elections are seen on the basis of the inclusion of people from bihar in the Center, then it will be a bit hasty. Whoever is in the nda at the time of the assembly elections will be more important.

Samrat Chaudhary was brought in to counter upendra Kushwaha. If nitish kumar stays with nda, bjp will also be able to return to power. If nitish kumar does something, it will have more impact than the caste factor of the cabinet. There were speculations that bihar assembly elections will be held in the middle. nitish kumar also wanted to dissolve the assembly before the lok sabha elections and hold elections along with the Lok Sabha. Now the government has been formed at the center and there is one year time for the assembly elections. During this time, people can be attracted by doing good work. One year is still left.

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