Infosys fired 600 employees for failing internal test...

Due to the economic recession, companies are doing layoffs all over the world. After big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, now India's leading IT company Infosys has also made layoffs. Infosys has fired more than 600 of its employees. According to reports, the company had put up an internal fresher assessment (FA) for freshers, employees who did not pass were fired. However, no official statement has come from the company yet.

According to a business Today report, a fresher who joined the company in august 2022 said, 'I started working at Infosys in august last year and was trained for the SAP ABAP stream. 150 people of my team gave the fresher assessment exam, out of which 60 people passed. All the rest of us were terminated for 2 weeks. Out of 150 freshers from the last batch (freshers onboarded in July 2022), around 85 freshers were terminated after failing in the exam.

600 employees leave

According to sources, Infosys has so far shown the way out to more than 600 employees who failed in the internal exam. Two weeks back, 208 freshers who failed FA were fired. In the last few months, more than 600 employees have lost their jobs.

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