What is the relationship between Rachita & Robert Master..?

Robert master, who participated in the bigg boss show, has openly spoken about the relationship between him and rachita after leaving the bigg boss house. bigg boss Season 6 is currently running successfully after 50 days, the bigg boss contestants are warming up the show with an unexpected task. In that way, now the contestants of bigg boss are turning into aliens and playing only by fighting, even though they are a little irritated. Unexpected twists have made the show lively. In this situation, dance master Robert was evicted from the bigg boss show last week based on people's votes. As he was not focusing on the game of bigg boss and was only focusing on hanging around Rachita, die-hard fans sent him home.Now after coming out of the bigg boss show, Robert has released a video thanking everyone who voted for him and has been giving interviews to various media. Many of them are Robert master, in love with Rachita. They are mainly raising the question. In this situation, Robert master has openly spoken about the relationship between him and Rachita. In other words, he has said that there is only friendship between him and Rachita. His answer is going viral saying that no matter how it looks to outsiders, everyone should understand that they are friends.At the same time, the closeness shown by Robert master to Rachita, seen from outside, his girlfriend sent the ring given by Robert master in a box to him.

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