Is venkatesh Bhatt angry with Chef Thamu?

Now whatever the media picks up, the news about Cook with Comali and venkatesh Bhatt keeps coming. In this post, we can see in detail what is the problem between them. Since 2006 on Vijay tv, media Mason has been giving them shows. Vijay tv has given several hit shows like Jodi No.1, Super singerand so on. Vijay tv has asked for a lively show after Bigg Boss. It was then that media Mason launched a show called Cook with Komali. Last year, in 2023, Vijay tv called media Mason and told them not to do the Super singer program from now on.

They have said that just watching Cook with komali show is enough. This production company, which has been giving successful programs to Vijay tv for so many years, suddenly said this and they left Vijay TV. Now the whole team of Cook with komali is going to sun TV. Both Dhamu and venkatesh Bhatt had said on their social media that they would meet all soon in another show. But Dhamu deleted the video within a few hours.

That is, after that Vijay TV called Thamu and made peace with him and kept him on the show. Venkatesh Bhatt has been traveling with media Mason since his cooking show. venkatesh Bhatt had posted a post after Dhamu suddenly deleted it. venkatesh Bhatt mentioned in it that if a cat closes its eyes, the world will become dark, if the post is deleted, the frost will disappear, and because of this, whatever you get is happiness and for me, friendship will not change even if the words are wrong. Understanding the situation of Dhamu, he posted this post. Even now both Venkatesh Bhatt and Dhamu are working in different channels but they remain good friends.

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