Maruti Suzuki: Beware New car Buyers...?

Maruti Suzuki, India's largest carmaker and retailer, tripled its price hike for the fiscal year 2021-22, enabling its 4th price hike today. maruti Suzuki continues to raise the price of vehicles at a rate of once every quarter without worrying about losing customers. maruti Suzuki is not only the largest car seller in india but also has the goodwill of millions of customers. maruti Suzuki has a unique value for investors as it has customers and businesses at all levels.
In this context, maruti Suzuki saturday implemented its 4th price hike. With this price increase, the price of all cars has gone up by about 1.7 percent. For example, a car worth Rs 10 lakh is set to increase by Rs 17,000. Prices of selected maruti Suzuki cars rose 1.6% in april and 1.9% in September. In July, the company increased the price of its popular Swift and all CNG-equipped models to Rs 15,000. Following this, it has now raised prices for the 4th time.

One out of every two cars sold in india is owned by maruti Suzuki, and generally, if one car company raises the price other companies will raise the price of the car. In this situation, other companies are also expected to announce price hikes in the next few weeks.

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