If india is successful in RLV-TD test- Game changer?...

The cost of space missions will be reduced by Rs 1.62 lakh per kg

Through this Space Shuttle Launch Vehicle, the cost of setting any satellite in orbit in space will be greatly reduced. At the time of its first successful test in the year 2016, isro scientists had claimed that the cost of the payload used to send a satellite into the sky when operational, would be $ 2000 per kg (around Rs 1.62 lakh per kg at the current dollar rate). 

Current version prototype, preparation to bring real version by 2030

The RLV-TD that isro is currently using in the test, which is 6.5 meters long and weighs about 1.75 tonnes, is just a prototype. isro plans to have the real RLV-TD in operation by the year 2030. It will be about 5 times bigger than this prototype.

Now only 5 countries have been able to make a reusable space shuttle

So far only 5 countries in the world have been able to make reusable space shuttles. These include America, russia, china, France, and Japan. Although in the true sense, only America has been successful in this, its reusable space shuttle had made successful flights about 135 times. America's reusable space shuttle flew for the last time in the year 2011. Although now they are preparing its advanced version. The shuttle made by russia in 1989 was able to fly only once. china also successfully tested its reusable shuttle last year.

If india is successful then it will become a game changer

Sending manned missions to space will become easier and less expensive.

It runs at hypersonic speed, due to which its success will be useful in making very fast missiles.

If a country attacks, indian engineers can fail the enemy's communication system by going into space.

With this, like an unmanned attacking drone, you can destroy the enemy's satellite without sending humans into space.

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