Lenovo Releases New Tab Cum Portable Speaker To Hit Those Beats Right — Check Price & Specifications

The Lenovo Tab Plus comes with a price tag of €279 (Rs 24,995).

Lenovo has launched the all-new Lenovo Tab Plus but it's not just a Tab, it might be much more than what we asked for. This latest offering from the house of Lenovo is a portable speaker. Lenovo has squeezed in eight JBL speakers in this Tab alone. Yes, you read that right. Eight speakers including four matrix tweeters and four force-balanced woofers reside in four speaker boxes totaling 22cc. Gone are the days when we used to get one or a maximum of two speakers in our Tabs. You might be thinking that for such an addition it would cost a fortune right? 

That's another shocker as the price of this Tab won't break your bank. It's in the mid-range budget segment and does not seem like much when we look at what it is offering

Lenovo Tab Plus: Price, Availability

The Lenovo Tab Plus comes with a price tag of €279 (Rs 24,995). Lenovo has released this tab in Luna Grey color. 

Lenovo Tab Plus: Specifications

The Lenovo Tab Plus is an Android tablet featuring an 11.5-inch LCD with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate, surpassing the average computer monitor. It operates on a MediaTek Helio G99 processor paired with 8GB of RAM, making it suitable for activities like watching movies, streaming music, and casual gaming. The tablet includes an expandable Micro SD card slot, a feature becoming rarer on Android devices, and offers up to 256GB of internal storage.

The Lenovo Tab Plus is equipped with eight JBL speakers optimized with Dolby Atmos, comprising four matrix tweeters and four force-balanced woofers. Additionally, it has a 175-degree pivoting kickstand, allowing for versatile positioning whether you're listening to a podcast from a distance or enjoying music up close.

Lenovo is primarily marketing this tablet as a media consumption device, a focus evident in its 8MP front and rear cameras. It comes with Android 14 pre-installed, and Lenovo guarantees two years of OS updates along with four years of security patches.

Powered by an 8,600mAh battery, the Lenovo Tab Plus promises standard endurance for a tablet in this category. Lenovo claims it can fully charge in just 90 minutes, which is advantageous for travelers using it for in-flight entertainment. The tablet also boasts an IP52 rating for water and dust resistance, making it safe for use in moist environments like bathrooms without risk of damage.

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