Mukarram Jah Bahadur, the last Nizam and erstwhile "Prince of hyderabad," has gone. In a rented two-bedroom apartment in Istanbul, Turkey, he passed away on saturday night. He was 89. He was once the richest man, but due to poor management, family strife, court disputes, and debts, he lost his holdings. Mukarram was unable to sell his properties because the majority of them were involved in legal disputes. He was consequently forced to reside in an outdated rental apartment.

The public could examine his dead remains at Chowmahalla Palace in hyderabad after they were transported there from Turkey. In accordance with his Mukaaram Jah's final request, his mortal remains would be interred next to his father Azam Jah in the family vault in Mecca Masjid the next day.

Azam Jah, the son of Osman ali Khan, gave birth to Mukarram Jah on october 6, 1933 in France. He was picked to be Osman ali Khan, the world's richest mansuccessor. ,'s After the passing of Mir Osman ali Khan in february 1967, Mukarram Jah was crowned the Asaf Jha the Eighth on april 6, 1967.

104 grandkids were left behind by Osman ali Khan. This resulted in several property and inheritance-related court disputes. The seventh Nizam's money began to vanish as a result of incompetent management, family disputes, and legal disputes. Mukarram Jah had five marriages and allegedly paid alimony on some of his property. A UK court ultimately resolved the infamous hyderabad funds dispute, which involved the governments of pakistan and India, a whopping 35 million pounds, and other parties.

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