Given that MM keeravani is currently "in," it appears that the owners of the rights to his older tracks will release updated renditions of those tunes. There is no stopping this now that the supreme court has ruled that any song owned by a specific label may be remixed and disseminated in any format because the corporations would have all the rights. However, one thing needs to be taken care of.

Here is the updated version of the well-known love ballad "Telusa Manasa" by MM keeravani, which was also released in hindi as "Tu Mile dil Khile." The song's melody is a timeless, soul-stirring one, but the music composition is also very appealing. There is no other song that could compare to the passionate chemistry between nagarjuna and manisha koirala in the Mahesh Bhat-directed visuals.

However, the song's most recent rendition's visual appeal is similarly subpar, and the track has lost part of its enchantment. Clearly, the original's romanticism and love are absent from this song, which appears to be more lustful in nature. Larissa Bonesi, the lead character, and the leading male both failed to draw viewers in with their good looks and connection. The admirers of MM keeravani, in particular, feel that one shouldn't ruin a classic song in the first place. Listen to the music and let us know if you experience the same emotions.

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