Class 12 student fainted seeing class full of girls..!?

Spending time with the opposite sex is one of the dreams of most teenagers. But if the same person finds himself alone with more than 50 members of the opposite sex. In reality, this incident happened in the state of bihar and is now going viral on the internet.
Among 50 female students:

Mani shankar is a Class 12 student at bihar Sharif Allama Iqbal College. He went to take his intermediate examination in a school called Brilliant school near Nalanda, Bihar. There were 50 female students who had come to write the exam. mani shankar, a student, was seated as the only student among 50 students. On learning this, he fainted. A relative of mani shankar told the news agency ANI that he fainted due to tension.
After that, he developed a fever. As a result, the student mani shankar was admitted to the Sadar government Hospital there. He was treated there. Now he is fine.
Hospital admission:

The news of a Plus 2 student, who was made to write the exam among 50 female students, fainted and was admitted to the hospital is going viral on the internet.

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