Political circles are in an uproar about the warangal medical student's suicide attempt. Saif, the senior victim Preethi, was taken into custody by the warangal police and given a 14-day sentence. Several medical students have come out in favor of Saif, though. telangana BJP chairman Bandi Sanjay claimed that this is a Love-Jihad incident following Saif's detention. "Muslim youths and men are entrapping Hindu girls, and this has spread to Telangana.

The BRS government was aware that the case involved Love-Jihad but is withholding important information. The offender was detained for the sake of his name, and the legal proceedings against him have failed, according to Bandi Sanjay. Bandi Sanjay's depiction of Preethi's family, the administration of the medical college, and her other students is radically different. Preethi's suicide attempt was unexpected, according to the college administration, who claimed that this was only a minor disagreement between two students.

Students who came out in Saif's defense carried signs that read "Innocent Until Proven Guilty."  In a phone conversation to a well-known news outlet, Preethi's father Narendra debunked the claims of a "Love-Jihad." In this situation, there is no question of love-jihad; it is only harassment, claimed Narendra. This indicates that Preethi was harassed, but the police need to conduct a more thorough investigation to confirm the circumstances behind Preethi's suicide attempt. According to the most recent media sources, medical professional Preethi has passed away

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