World music Day 2022: When and how World music Day started, know the purpose and theme of this year

There can be no better option than music to relax. Listening to music makes a person feel relaxed. Doctors also consider music beneficial for health. Studies on music have shown that music brings about changes in the body, which improves health. Apart from this, music therapy is given to patients who are suffering from depression and despair. music relaxes both the mind and the body.

World music Day is celebrated every year around the world dedicated to music, for its ability to bring this specialty of music to everyone and to act as an effective medicine in its treatment. music Day is celebrated all over the world on 21st June. But do you know when and how the music day started? When was the first music Day celebrated? Let us know about the history, significance, and theme of this year's music Day.

Celebrating World music Day started in France. World music Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 1982. At that time, the then Cultural minister of france, Jacques Lang, in view of the passion for music of the people of the country, announced the celebration of music Day. This day was called 'Fte la Musica'.

When the first music Day was celebrated in france in 1982, it received support from more than 32 countries. Many programs were organized during this period. The whole kingdom was celebrated. Since then, Italy, Greece, Russia, America, Britain, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, Malaysia, and all countries of the world, including India, celebrate World music Day every year on 21 June.

According to experts, music has been considered important for mental peace. In today's busy lifestyle, people do not get two moments of peace. music is a better option to find this relaxation. Even if you are alone, music can be your best companion. music works to give joy to the heart.

Every year World music Day has a special theme. The theme of music Day 2022 is 'Music At Intersections'. All the programs this year will be organized on this theme. The purpose of music Day is to honor the contribution of singers and musicians in the field of music from around the world.

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