Mamta Mohandas is one of the stunning leading ladies who has appeared in telugu movies like Yama donga and Kedi. The talented malayalam actress later took a sabbatical from acting after being diagnosed with cancer, but she later made a full recovery. She strongly denied the claims made by several YouTube channels that she is once again stricken by the disease.

Mamta Mohandas posted images from a photo shoot at the site where she is filming her upcoming movie along with a lengthy message in which she criticised several YouTube channels for their self-serving actions in disseminating false information about her. According to her, there has been no resurgence of her cancer, and she is now working on films. She provided photographic evidence to show that she was indeed that way at the time.

Mamta, a 38-year-old divorced actress, looks absolutely stunning in the photo as she wears pink pants and a sleeveless floral crop top. On the other hand, she is currently in possession of nearly six malayalam films. The actress has also signed few brand endorsements and advertisements and is on a signing spree right now and is looking to set her foot strong again.

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