It is Mahesh Babu's upcoming project, which will be directed by SS rajamouli, that is receiving the most attention rather than his most recent movie, #SSMB28, which was made under the supervision of Trivikram. Of course, this movie will be spoken about everywhere because rajamouli has elevated Tollywood's scope and excitement to Hollywood-level status. But here's the catch.

Rajamouli makes sure that his heroes modify their appearance physically for the majority of his movies in order to fit the roles. prabhas and Rana put on weight for Baahubali, while ram charan sculpted a v-shaped heavy figure for rrr and ntr went ungroomed with facial hair. And right now, everyone is anticipating Mahesh to create a fresh look for Rajamouli's movie, but it appears that won't happen.

Mahesh Babu, a telugu actor, looks just as nice as any trip explorer, according to rajamouli, who recently said as much in an interview with a hollywood media outlet, raising questions over if the Superstar won't change how he appears. Mahesh doesn't experiment like his father, except from occasionally switching up his haircut, but they anticipated that he would for Rajamouli's movie. One wonders if the actor won't undergo any physical alterations after the director stated that his appearance is already ideal for the part. However, that will be a rather common appearance, right?

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