She has stated that she will only perform in content-based and character-driven roles for television, film, and online streaming, but she is also igniting the social media scene with her stunning appearance. She is none other than Ruhani Sharma, a mumbai native who made her tollywood debut with the film Chi La Sow and afterwards made appearances in movies like HIT and others.

While she recently released the "HER" teaser, in which she plays a serious and duty-minded police officer, here is her most recent picture, in which she exudes oodles of sex appeal. Ruhani wowed her fans by revealing a lot of her bosom while showcasing her curves to the fullest in a green short shrug held together by a single pin over high-waist jeans. She struck several stances while wearing the dress, staring directly into the camera, tease her fans.

When it comes to sizzling on the screen but getting tremendously naughty and seductive on social media, it has now become the norm for actresses to choose conservative and author-backed roles. One of the torchbearers for that bandwagon is Ruhani, and she is doing an excellent job as usual.

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