40 Crocodiles attacked the elder-Brutally Torn...

A painful accident took place in Siem Reap city of Cambodia. Here a 72-year-old man accidentally fell into the crocodile enclosure. After which 40 crocodiles attacked the old man. The crocodiles scratched the old man and left him covered in blood. In which he died. police told that the crocodile forcefully dragged the old man inside the enclosure.

There are many farms of crocodiles near the city of Siem Reap. The old man went to his farm. During this he saw that a crocodile had laid an egg. He started removing the egg with the help of a clip. Meanwhile, the crocodile dragged the 72-year-old man inside. After which 40 crocodiles living in the enclosure attacked.

Crocodiles had eaten about 70 percent of the person

The crocodile scratched the old man and left him covered in blood. Along with this, the person's hand and leg were also eaten. The crocodiles kept attacking the man till he died. After this incident, the police took out the pieces of the person's body from inside the enclosure. The crocodiles had eaten about 70 per cent of the person. police told that the enclosure was so big that other family members could not even get a chance to save it.

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