Dhoni hookah Smoking Video has gone viral..!

A video of dhoni smoking a hookah in a stylish look is going viral on social media. dhoni, the former captain who won the T20, ODI, Champions Trophy, and Asia Cup for the indian team, is making good use of his spare time. He has also won the champion title 5 times for the chennai Super Kings team. dhoni, who has retired from cricket, has been enjoying his precious time after retirement, from hosting parties for former teammates to traveling around the country with friends and family. Even at the age of 42, he keeps his body fit. He is one of the players who can play cricket even at this age. To the extent that there is no day that a video of dhoni is not released on social media, his video is released daily and is going viral. In this regard, a video has been released and is going viral. The video shows dhoni smoking hookah.

Dhoni is one of those players who always give opportunities to young players to showcase their talents. In this situation, in a tribute video shared by australia in 2018, the former captain of the Australian team, George Bailey, shared an important piece of information about dhoni that no one knew. He said about this: dhoni likes to smoke shisha or hookah. He often uses it in his home. Also used by young players.
Dhoni's room is always open. Players can go and chat with him whenever they want. No matter what happens in cricket, he always remains calm. Whether he is a wicketkeeper or a batsman, he will remain calm. George Bailey played for the chennai Super Kings between 2009 and 2012. It is noteworthy that in 2016 he was also included in the Rising pune Supergiants team.

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