The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a conservation charity committed to the protection of east African wildlife, has grabbed hearts with a sweet video of a newborn elephant taking a dust bath. The clip will undoubtedly lighten your day and make monday better. The film shows this small orphaned elephant, cared for by the Trust's Orphans' Project, fluttering its huge ears and swinging its trunk with sheer excitement while a caretaker delicately sprinkles dust over its back.

The Trust, known for its successful elephant orphan rescue and rehabilitation programme, offers a caring environment for these fragile calves, who are frequently victims of poaching or human-wildlife conflict. The film emphasises the fun side of these beautiful beasts, as well as the intimate relationship they have with their human carers.
“A little dust bath for a little elephant. Through our Orphans' Project, we offer second chances to orphaned baby elephants. We raise them until they're ready to return to the wild — a process that can take upwards of 10 years,” reads the caption. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's purpose is to nurture orphaned elephants until they are no longer milk-dependent and ready for reintegration into the wild, which can take over a decade for each elephant. Elephant handlers care for the calves around the clock, providing they get the assistance they need to grow.

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