Even on weekdays, venkatesh and varun Tej's f3 is looking good. The telangana formation day holiday will make tomorrow a great day in Nizam. f3 is a family film, and the production team is doing all possible to bring them to the theatres. venkatesh and varun Tej are fully cooperating with the director in this regard. They have prepped the viewers for what to expect from the film right from the start.

We saw them performing sketches on the stage of the Pre-release event a few days ago. To promote the film, they visited gated communities and theatres. It's been a long time since a star hero like venkatesh has done this kind of promotion. varun Tej, too, participated in the promos without a smidgeon of ego. Stars reclining comfortably in sofas and answering questions from anchors have rendered promotions obsolete in recent years.

The team has now released an interview with little children conducted by the f3 crew. venkatesh was seen mingling with the children and cracking jokes with them as if he were one of them. varun Tej, on the other hand, is seen doing the same thing. anil ravipudi can also be commended for creating engaging promotions that entice audiences. This is a good thing.

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