Actress sai pallavi opens up about her 10 years of love.. Do you know who her boyfriend is..?

Sai Pallavi, who is careful in choosing the film, does not hesitate to say no if he does not like the story of the film.
Actress sai pallavi has won the hearts of fans with her makeup-free beauty and amazing acting. The natural beauty sai pallavi chooses the films she acts in very carefully.
Sai Pallavi, who graduated in medicine with the dream of becoming a doctor, is showing her talented acting in cinema. It must be said that Neenga has won a place in the hearts of fans not only because of her acting but also because of her dancing.
From his telugu debut Fida to his recent release Veerathparvam, sai pallavi has delighted his fans by playing different roles in all his films.
Sai Pallavi, who has acted in films in telugu, Tamil, and kerala languages and is recognized as a very talented heroine, has now entered the bollywood film industry. sai pallavi is playing the role of Sita in the Ramayana starring ranbir kapoor as Rama.
 Sai Pallavi, who is staying away from the film's kissing scenes, recently made viral comments about Mahabharata.
I have great respect for Mahabharata. I love Arjuna's son Abhimanyu. Over the past 10 years, I have read and learned a lot about Abhimanyu. I have been in love with him for the last 10 years.” Said Sai Pallavi. His speech is going viral on social media.
Sai Pallavi naga chaitanya and Sandhu Mondedi's upcoming film Thandale is currently playing the lead role. Along with this film, sai pallavi is playing Sita in Bollywood's 'Ramayanam'.
According to reports, Aamir Khan's son junaid khan will also star in the film.

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