1. Kantara: The movie opened to packed houses in numerous centres as a result of the buzz the kannada version generated. The discussion was well received for its technical quality, which attracted the audience.

The weekend receipts persisted in being strong, and today marks the start of the real test for this movie—its success during the week. For the kind of revenue it brought in over its first three days, the movie ended up being a success overall.

2. Godfather: The most anticipated movie, The Godfather, only made an average amount of money at the box office. The Chiranjeevi's Godfather version of Mohanlal's smash film lucifer in malayalam turned out to be a respectable production.

On day one, the conversation was fair to good, but the collections weren't as strong as anticipated. For the prices it was sold to various centres for, the movie hasn't yet broken even after two weeks.

3. Crazy Fellow: Digangana Suryavamshi and Adi Saikumar's movie vanished into thin air without a trace. Neither the trailer nor the title were effective in grabbing the audience's interest.

Filmmaker kk Radha Mohan produced the movie, which was directed by Phani krishna Siriki. For the kind of weak debuts and uninspiring conversation on the first day alone, it was labelled a failure.

4. Boyfriend for Hire: Due to its weak debut, it was a complete failure. The line used to narrate this story didn't sit well with the audience of any age group, despite the fascinating title. The succeeding concerts' collections fell from the poor to the worst due to the terrible conversation. The play's run at the theatre is now over. Viswant and malavika play the prominent roles in the movie, which was directed by Santhosh Kambhampati.

5. PS1: The movie enjoyed a respectable first day in telugu states two weeks ago amid the anticipation. Holidays prevented it from changing course despite unfavourable reviews and bad word of mouth.

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