Senior actor and telugu desam party lawmaker Nandamuri balakrishna hosts the well-liked chat programme Unstoppable with NBK on the OTT platform Aha. The show has received positive reviews, however balakrishna has come under fire for his inconsistent choice of guests. Even though the episodes starring former chief minister N kiran kumar reddy and well-known actor prabhas piqued some curiosity, season II of the show, which kicked off with tdp president N chandrababu naidu and his son Nara Lokesh, has been a touch monotonous.

There is currently buzz that controversial politician and power player Pawan Kalyan, along with writer-director Krish, may also appear in Unstoppable with NBK event during sankranti festival. r k roja, a former actress who is now the leader of the ysr congress party and the tourism minister for the state of Andhra Pradesh, was reportedly planning on appearing on the balakrishna show on Aha. But it never materialised. Roja, however, revealed on friday that she had received Balakrishna's offer to participate in the Unstoppable with NBK performance.

She remarked, "Long ago, balakrishna asked me to the show, but I gently declined his invitation, citing my helplessness. Roja explained her reasoning for not going to the balakrishna concert, saying she was worried that her boss and chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy might not like it. "I was concerned that my rivals in the party may tell jagan rumours about me. I skipped the balakrishna show because of that, she explained. However, despite her political allegiance, Roja claimed to have great regard for Balakrishna. "He always talks to me with such warmth everywhere we meet. We continue to have cordial relationships even in the assembly. politics is distinct from interpersonal relationships, he always tells me," she added.

Roja was also very appreciative of jagan for not interfering with her private affairs. He never inquires about my nonpartisan activities. Many partygoers attempted to ruin his opinion of me even when I was performing on the Jabardast show. However, he paid little attention to them and never asked me about them, she claimed.

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