ycp ministers and leaders have a history of reacting excessively for no reason. The ycp leaders created a lot of noise with their punch dialogues and caustic remarks when Pawan first unveiled his green vehicle. They once more overreacted when Pawan and Chandrababu had a meeting. Concerning oneself excessively with unimportant events reflects poorly on the ruling party and its supporters.

The social media department's job is to deal with any trolls, memes, or insults that are made. Overreacting to a routine political gathering may convey the impression that the ruling party is genuinely worried about it by giving it unwarranted prominence. The ruling party should keep quiet about unimportant issues if it believes it can win 175/175.

In addition, pawan kalyan said that he stood in solidarity with chandra babu Naidu about the recent events in kuppam and that they had discussed how to improve accountability in the current administration. According to Pawan Kalyan, he spoke with chandra babu Naidu about eliminating the pension, paying for fees, and setting a minimum price for farmers. Even the atrocities done by the YSRCP government and jagan Mohan Reddy's repression of opposition leaders' and parties' rights were mentioned.

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