At 5 o'clock on Thursday, the kerala Pradesh congress Committee (KPCC) will show the BBC documentary on prime minister Narendra Modi at the Shanghumugham beach in Thiruvananthapuram. According to the KPCC, the location was changed to a beach to facilitate public viewing of the documentary. Since its initial publication last week, the two-part BBC series "India: The Modi Question" has stirred up debate. While the documentary asserts that it looked into specific areas of the gujarat riots of 2002, while Modi was the state's chief minister, the government has referred to the series as "propaganda piece."

According to sources, shortly after the BBC documentary's broadcast, the Centre gave instructions for removing numerous YouTube videos and social media posts that contained links to it. The opposition parties harshly criticised the government's decision to control twitter posts and YouTube videos, calling it "censorship." 

In the meantime, the BBC documentary was screened by students at numerous universities across India, including hyderabad University, JNU and Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi, punjab University, etc. At Jamia and JNU, the screening caused a disturbance and violence. Now, KPCC has announced that the documentary would be screened today at a beach in Thiruvananthapuram.

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