Things that damage the skin and hair...

Did you know that some online hacks in the name of home remedies can cause damage to your skin. If you are using things like toothpaste or baking powder in skin care, then be careful.

There are many such things available on Ayurvedic Remedies or social media, which claim to improve complexion to remove blemishes. While there are some hacks that promote using hair as a highlighter, but these things can actually make your skin and hair worse. Let's know, similar things that damage the skin and hair.

Baking soda

Baking soda may brighten your utensils but it can spoil the condition of your skin and hair. Using baking powder can lead to scorching of the skin and dryness of the hair. Hair and skin can become so bad that you will not even be able to guess it. Even if you apply it once or twice, you can see its effect better, but using it again and again will make your skin stained and rough.


Even natural ingredients like white vinegar or apple cider vinegar can damage your skin. It makes the skin blemish and dry. If you are using them to remove stains, then be very careful. Applying vinegar on the face can burn the skin and cause pigmentation.


Sugar is used a lot as a natural scrubber, but it can spoil the soft layer on top. 


You must have rarely heard the use of salt in skin care, the reason for which is clear that its small particles can be harmful for the skin. If you have acne or sensitive skin, then do not allow salt to come near the face.


Toothpaste will not shrink the pimples, but it can cause itching on the skin and can damage the protective layer of the skin.

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