A Taliban spokesman has attacked pakistan prime minister imran khan, calling him a "puppet" who "wasn't chosen by the public of Pakistan." According to the friday Times, the spokesman advised pakistan not to engage in Afghanistan's affairs in an interview. "Imran Khan is also known as a 'puppet' and a selected politician. 

We wouldn't want someone interfering in our affairs, just as we don't want to see anyone interfering in the affairs of other countries "According to Naya Daur Media, a Taliban spokeswoman stated. imran khan had previously stated in an interview on wednesday that afghanistan could not survive with a "puppet" government.

The Taliban spokesman, in response to Khan, stated in the interview, "You're referring to Imran Khan's desire for an integrated Afghan government? pakistan is in a lot of trouble and has a lot of problems. imran khan was not elected, and he did not become prime minister with the approval of the Pakistani people "According to the friday Times. According to the spokesman, "People in pakistan believe that the current administration is a puppet of the Pakistani Forces. The fundamental rights of Pakistan's major and smaller ethnic groups are not being respected. Pakistanis of all races are dissatisfied with the present government. That's why it's known as the military's puppet government."

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