Chief minister MK stalin has started the process of providing compensation of Rs. 1,597.18 crore to about 6 lakh farmers for samba season crops and regarding this the official press release from TN Govt reads as, "Agriculture's continued growth will help to a state's overall economic growth. Along with food security, agricultural development must be sustainable in order to secure rural farmers' lives, provide them with a regular income, and promote long-term economic growth at the state level. 

With this in mind, chief minister M.K. The Stalin's government presented a separate budget account for the Department of Agriculture for the fiscal year 2021-22 for the first time in tamil Nadu's history. Furthermore, the Department of Agriculture has been renamed the Department of Agriculture - Agrarian Welfare, with the goal of promoting organic farming and ensuring long-term agricultural development. 

In the crop insurance scheme for the years 2020-2021, 25.76 lakh farmers registered for crop insurance for 42.75 lakh acres of Kuruai, Samba, and winter crops. For the Caribbean season, compensation of Rs. 133.07 crore has already been granted to 2,02,335 farmers. The chief minister today started giving compensation to 10 farmers in a bid to provide this compensation to the 6 lakh affected farmers."

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