Virata Parvam, a movie starring Rana and sai pallavi, is a topic of intense discussion on social media. Many people voiced their opinions on Sarala's passing even before the film's premiere (the name changed to vennela in the movie). Mohan Rao, Sarala's brother, also joined him after the film's premiere.

According to suresh Babu, the first movie produced by suresh productions is based on a real-life person. "Venu gave a fantastic narration, and sai pallavi did a stunning job acting it. As a producer, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. Despite having a naxal backdrop, the film is a real love story. This movie would not have been made if sai pallavi had not been present. Rana wouldn't have done it either if sai pallavi hadn't been around.

The incident happened about 30 years ago, according to Sarala's brother Mohan Rao. I was surprised that a major production company like suresh productions offered to make the movie. I was initially concerned about how director venu would present my sister when he first approached me. However, the narrative has persuaded us. Knowing that Rana and sai pallavi were in the film made us very thrilled. I was questioned by a reporter if the climax was fake. I questioned him about witnessing the incident.

We were unaware of it as well. For four years, venu worked on the story. He is more knowledgeable on the issue than I am. This movie made me realise how much my sister loved the revolution. We despised Shankaranna, the one responsible for killing my sister. However, their love story was depicted in the film.

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