Nearly all of august 4, 2022 has been devoted to spreading a purported naked video of Hindupur mp Gorantla Madhav. madhav, however, refuted it and claimed that tdp leaders had distorted it with the aid of the yellow media. Well, this nation does not have a prostitution ban. Additionally, it's legal to make video calls. Regardless of who they are, if two or more individuals choose to have a nude video call, that is their right to privacy.

The MP's video call with a woman was a private conversation between the two of them. If the woman didn't like it, she ought to have reported it to the police. If the video is not a modified one as the mp claims, the woman's lack of protest suggests that she was placed. Well, if the mp was captured and the woman was placed, it reveals the shady character of those who distributed the information online.

One may wonder why the yellow media and the tdp leaders are so picky about watching a man's nude recordings, even if they are not altered. Why are the yellow leaders and media showing such a strong interest in Madhav's naked body? They should not have shared the footage on social media since people are not interested in seeing naked pictures of madhav if they were truly interested in doing so.

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