After giving birth, kajal aggarwal today stated she would resume acting. Kajal answered a query during an instagram live session by saying she will return to the indian 2 set on september 13th. Numerous speculations said that Kajal might be replaced by another heroine or that her role would be eliminated, as they had done with Acharya. But it appears that Kajal will shortly join the shoot and that she will have a significant role in the movie. Well, ram Charan's supporters are not happy about this.

For a while now, ram charan has been directing Shankar's film RC15. According to the most recent rumours, shankar is now pausing work on RC15 to finish indian 2. After the filmmakers moved to court, shankar reportedly volunteered to finish filming indian 2 between July and september of this year. ram Charan's supporters appear to be concerned since shankar can only give RC15 his whole attention if indian 2 is taken off his plate. indian 2 took a very long time to develop, and no one is sure when it will be finished.

Indian 2 has had the designation "functioning" for a very long time. There were certain difficulties, such as creative disagreements with kamal haasan and a dispute with lyca productions over claims the filmmaker overshot the budget by delaying the film. shankar refuted the claims that only Kamal Haasan's makeup and unwelcome events on the set caused the project to be delayed. We'll have to wait and see whether shankar actually completes indian 2 anytime soon.

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