After tasting a huge success with Kantara, allu aravind has tasted another success with 'Thodelu' now. The movie which is released in hindi as 'Bhediya' was dubbed in telugu as Bhediya and it has been a huge success already. The shadow of the full moon falls on a man beside the river at midnight. The man, who is obviously in pain, stands up while the wind blows softly. He suddenly doubles in size in a split second, with muscles bulging from beneath his clothing, a dog-like face, and a body coated in fur. The man has changed into a wolf, or, as folklore has it, a werewolf.

This scenario has been acted out in movies all around the world, but hardly ever in India. Even though we love icchadhari naagins, shape-shifters are rarely seen in indian movies and television shows. Now that Bhediya, the next film directed by amar kaushik and billed as "India's first creature comedy," is about to hit theatres, varun dhawan is getting ready to don the werewolf costume. In the movie, varun portrays a werewolf on a quest, while kriti sanon plays his lover-turned-doctor.

It is surprising that there aren't more werewolf stories being told in a nation that is preoccupied with mythological and esoteric tales. Although both Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani and Fanaah primarily focused on vampires, indian television has lacked a rich tradition of vengeful naagins, werewolves, and other shape-shifters.

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