One of the bravest actors in bollywood who frequently sparks controversy is Richa Chaddha. She is currently embroiled in yet another scandal, which is motivating many trolls to attack her. Even a celebrity idol like akshay kumar responded to it. On Thursday, Richa tweeted a statement about the military being depicted in a negative manner, and akshay kumar posted a screenshot of the tweet. "Hurts to see this," the screenshot's sender commented. Nothing should ever cause us to be unappreciative of our armed forces. They are the only reason we exist: Woh hain toh aaj hum hain.

Richa responded to a tweet by Lt. Gen. upendra Dwivedi, commander of the Northern Army, in which he declared that the indian Army is prepared to carry out any instructions to retake Pakistan-occupied kashmir (PoK). Using her twitter account, Richa posted, "Galwan says hey." Richa was unnecessarily bringing grief to the Galwan Valley. 28 indian soldiers died earlier in Galwan while battling the Chinese forces. Richa mockingly tweeted something that is disrespectful to the indian army and hurts national feelings.

In addition to akshay kumar, many politicians, including bjp officials, responded to her remark, which led to a lot of online trolls mocking her. She deleted her tweet as she became aware of the criticism. "Even though it could never have been my intention in the slightest, if the three words that are the subject of a controversy have offended or hurt anyone, I sincerely apologise. I also say that it would sadden me if, even unintentionally, my words had caused this feeling in my brothers in the Fauj, of which my own Nanaji was a distinguished member. He was shot in the leg during the Indo-China war as a Lt. Col. in the 1960s. My mother served as a paratrooper. I was born with it," she tweeted.

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