The sudden obscene videos started in China..!?

As the Chinese people continue to feel disgusted with the oppression of the government, there has been an increase in protests among the people recently. In china, the government is diverting the people through social media and through the government's new orders to tell them what to see, what to buy, what to believe, and what to use. Meanwhile, people in major cities of china are protesting on the roads and in public places to remove the Covid restrictions and let people live normal lives, with the slogan that Chinese President Xi jinping should step down. The number of people fighting through the internet is much more than the number of people fighting from the field, and because the power of the internet is also great, the Chinese government is trying to distract the people creatively. This time, the Chinese people discovered the activities of the Chinese government early, so the people are alert. Do you know the work done by the Chinese government..?
As the protests against the Chinese government and Xi Jinping's government have erupted on a massive scale, the posts about this protest on twitter have had a huge impact in a few hours. Through this, if you search on twitter about the town or area where the protest is taking place, 50 percent of the posts are related to sex, and 50 percent of the posts are about the protest.The protest is the biggest protest since the 1989 mass protests, recently when Chinese banks were banned from withdrawing people's money, and before that, the Chinese government faced massive protests when it tried to take control of Hong Kong. Acting on behalf of the Chinese government. Thousands of fake accounts under the control of these organizations have been inactive for several months now, after the outbreak of the people's protest, it has been reported from this Chinese language account with the name of the city and location that escort services and sexual services are being provided from these fake accounts.Due to this, people have accused the Chinese people or other countries of the world that if they search about the protest or the area where the protest is taking place, more recordings are not necessary except for the protest. Through this bad action, the Chinese government has censored the recordings of the protest, but it has diverted to these sexual recordings.  In particular, china has a habit of banning hashtags and making it impossible to post specific words on Weibo. For example, the Chinese government has censored Liangma River and Urumqi Road on its domestic social network and banned related posts. This is the place where people are protesting on a large scale in China.

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