War between india & china is certain in 2023..!?

Experts believe that china will be a challenge to india in the coming New Year of 2023. It is said that china, which is angry with America, may show its strength by starting a war with India. Why is there a high possibility of a war between india and china in 2023? This is a detailed analysis of the same. The Russia-Ukraine war started this year as something that shook the world after the impact of Corona. If war with russia made 2022 a year full of tension, then war between different countries was also developing. china and America, china and Taiwan, sometimes South Korea, japan, and North Korea, this year continues to be a year full of tensions. A month later, even as the world enters the New Year, this risk does not seem to have abated. Experts believe that 2023 will be challenging for India. china, which is angry with America, can show its strength by starting a war with India. As evidence of this, prime minister Rishi Sunak, in his first major foreign policy address since taking office as british prime minister, took a tough line against China. british prime minister Rishi Sunak said that the golden age of good relations between the UK and china is over, and before this, the US-China conflict was at its peak. china is currently fighting with the US for various reasons. There are many reasons for a war between china and india and based on these, experts say that a war between the two could happen in 2023. These are the reasons
The constant tension between the two countries:
India went to war with china in 1962. Since then, an undeclared war has been going on between the two countries along siachen and its border. Apart from this, there is a tense situation between the two countries due to border disputes and infiltration.

India has become China's biggest challenge:

India is currently China's biggest challenge in Asia. In terms of economy, japan is certainly ahead, but India's pace of progress shows that the world has the potential to go much further. In such a situation, China's main aim is to stop india on each and every front.
China wants to show its strength to the whole of Asia:

According to experts, china believes that if it engages in a military conflict with india, it will give entire Asia a chance to show its strength. At the same time, it is said that although America is India's friend, America will not directly support india in case of war. In such a situation, experts say that the New Year, which is about to dawn in a month, will be very important in India-China relations.

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