Crying on reviews is something that a certain group of filmmakers have gotten very proficient at. Recently, RamaRao On Duty's telugu director Sarath Mandava made some disparaging remarks about reviews and the ethics of reviewers. Sadly, the extraordinarily gifted Alphonse Puthren has recently started to complain about reviews. This is in light of his most recent movie, gold, receiving negative reviews.

"The only indian with the authority to evaluate my film is Kamal Haasan. He is the only individual in india who has more filmmaking knowledge than I have. It might be beneficial for you, but not for me, if you're making fun of me and my movie. I am not your property. Nobody intentionally fails, Alphonse stated. This is nothing more than needless trash talking from Alphonse, the brilliant filmmaker behind the enormous hit Premam. Positive reviews for the movie flooded in after it was released, and it quickly became a South hit. Then, Alphonse was in good spirits.

But now that his most recent movie, gold, has been a failure, he has begun to attack critics. He should really be emphasising that reviews are simply one person's opinion of his work. It's not like gold received terrible reviews while being a box office success. Everyone gave it low ratings, and the movie bombed at the box office. Making the finest movie one can is the goal, not criticising them after a shoddy movie is out. This generates criticism on top of not doing anything to further their cause.

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