rashmika mandanna has created a sense of mystery by providing plenty of fodder for rumours in the media. The actress who recently debuted in dil Raju's Varisu/Vaarasudu did not take part in the movie's telugu state marketing. Being a prominent celebrity, Rashmika's promotion of the movie in telugu would have made a significant difference as Vijay missed telugu promotions as per usual. Therefore, everyone is perplexed as to why rashmika opted to avoid the telugu media.

It is well known that rashmika has recently been quite active with tamil ventures and has landed a few bollywood roles. siddharth Malhotra's film Mission majnu has been released and has received mixed reviews. She currently airs certain advertisements as well. There is speculation in the media that she has adopted a mindset that prevents her from engaging with the telugu media.

On the other hand, it is known that there are purported allegations that Vijay Devarakonda, the star of the movie Liger, and rashmika are dating. She is obviously unwilling to publicly deny the accusations, and many claim that is the main reason why she avoids speaking with the press in telugu states. Another rumour is that rashmika has opted to avoid the media for some time because she has recently become "sensitive" as a result of persistent and unfair trolling.

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