The movie starring victory venkatesh and directed by Sailesh Kolanu has been formally announced today with a title poster. Additionally, the creators of #Venky75 also gave a sneak peek as a little bonus. The movie's title, Saindhav, is striking, and venkatesh portrays a fearsome character with a machine pistol in the poster. Fans and admirers of action movies will undoubtedly find the glance to be a feast.

According to the video, venkatesh will be playing a character that is absolutely intense and powerful for the first time in a long time. He actually brings a cold storage box with a vial of medicine. It appears that this is not your typical action thriller. There is more involved. The producers' desire to make it at the Pan india level is in fact justified by the glance.

In the final images, venkatesh is heard saying, "Nenikkade Untanraa... Ekkadiki Ellanu... Rammanu..." The first promotional material piques our interest just by giving us a sneak peek of what's to come. We must admit that venkatesh made the right decision for his 75th film. The film, which will be produced by venkat Boyanapalli, will include Santosh Narayanan on the soundtrack, Mukundan S for cinematography, and Garry BH for editing. We'll learn more about the heroine and other things later. The producers have also declared that Saindhav's filming will start soon.

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