In Andhra Pradesh, there are two leaders who say the most incredible things. They may believe they are speaking to intellectuals, yet the speeches they give make the audience laugh a lot. The first leader is tdp chief Chandrababu Naidu, who asserts that he has patents for every invention imaginable. He claims intellectual property rights over things like mobile inventions, self-help organisations, Hyderabad's hi-tech city, and the overall development of Hyderabad. Everything that makes the headlines of the day is attributed to him.

He claims satya Nadendla was inspired by him. He claims to have appointed AB Vajpayee as prime minister and APJ Abdul Kalam as President of India. He claims to have been P v Sindhu's inspiration and pledges to host the olympics in Amaravati, an unfinished metropolis. The second leader is none other than Pawan Kalyan, Naidu's political ally. The leader of Jana Sena claims to have been born in Bhimavaram. When he comes to Nellore, he claims to have studied there. He claims to have resided in Chirala. He claims to have resided in Bapatla. He claims that when he was 11 years old, the police discovered him riding a bicycle in the middle of the night.

He claims to have studied Swami Vivekananda, Karl Marx, and Che Guevara. He claims Netaji was an inspiration. He claims that Ambedkar, Rajaji, inspired him. He claims to have thoroughly studied the Constitution! He asserts that he has read more than 2 lakh books! Finally, he claims to have passed Class X during a meeting. The following meeting, he reports passing Intermediate. Thus, these two leaders make the most ridiculous claims and claim to be the owners of the entire universe. The telugu people enjoy whatever they say, and they are appreciative of the constant humour they receive!

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